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System Requirements
Quick Introduction
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Webcam Watcher watches webcams for you, downloading and saving pictures when they change. You can jump between cameras and scan back and forward in time, literally putting the world at your fingertips. With Webcam Watcher you can monitor hundreds of webcams at the same time even with a slow modem link. How? Webcam Watcher only downloads pictures when they change, making the best use of your Internet bandwidth.

Main Features

Downloading and Installing

Webcam Watcher can be downloaded from the main download page

Click on one of the download links and when prompted, select Save this program to disk.

When the download completes, click Open and the program will install.

You will find a Webcam Watcher icon on your desktop; double click this to run.

System Requirements

Webcam Watcher runs on PCs with Windows 95, 98, NT4, ME, XP or 2000.

Webcam Watcher uses minimal disk space itself; however using it to monitor webcams can use large amounts of disk space.
As for any program,
Webcam Watcher works best when there is plenty of memory available. At least 64MB is recommended.
For best results when viewing images, a video display size of 800 x 600 with High Color (64000 colors) or True Color (16.7 million colors) is recommended.

Quick Introduction

Getting Started

Webcam Watcher comes with a few webcams already configured. To watch these webcams :

The first time you run a webcam, Webcam Watcher will need to fetch the current picture. After that, Webcam Watcher only fetches the picture if it changes. You can download a much larger list of webcams from the Tools menu.

Main Screen

This shows the main screen. The right-hand panel shows the webcams, and the left panel shows the current webcam.

You can easily scan through the webcams using the Up and Down arrow keys. And you can scan the webcam pictures by using the Left and Right arrow keys.

To resize the panels, grab the bar that separates them and move it to a new position. You can view large numbers of webcams like this:

If you click the Thumbnails tab you can see thumbnails of the pictures that have been saved for the current camera.

Click on the Load Thumbs button to make thumbnails of the pictures. If Autoload Thumbs is checked, they will load automatically.

Double click on a thumbnail to display the picture. You can also use this display to delete pictures - select and press the Delete key.

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