Webcam Watcher Online Help

Chapter 1 - Getting Started

InstallationSystem RequirementsQuick Introduction

Chapter 2 - What's New

New in version 3.0 New in version 2.4New in version 2.2New in version 2.1

Chapter 3 - Controlling and Viewing Webcams

Starting and Stopping WebcamsAutoupdateSelecting Webcams to viewViewing Saved PicturesFinding Webcams Image Enhancement

Chapter 4 - Adding New Webcams

Downloading Webcam ListsImporting Webcams from webcam listsUsing AloeCam and Javacam ListsNew Webcam OptionsExporting WebcamsAdding New Webcams Manually Streaming Cameras

Chapter 5 - The CamBar

Using the CamBarControlling the CamBarControlling the Webcams on the CamBar

Chapter 6 - Motion Detection

Motion Detection SettingsMotion Detection GraphEnabling Motion DetectionGlobal Save Settings

Chapter 7 - Keyboard Shortcuts

Chapter 8 - Advanced Features

FavoritesSaving captured pictures as AVIWebcam FoldersChanging Refresh and Save settingsInactive webcam scanningWebcam Status LEDsStatus BarsShowing Weather or Map for webcamError LoggingHeader DisplayPreferencesUsing a proxyAutomatically start cameras on startupChecking for new versionAdding extra headers to HTTP request Adding a timestamp to a URL

Chapter 9 - Screen Saver

Chapter 10 - Support and Registration

Registering Webcam WatcherTroubleshootingTechnical Support


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