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Webcam Watcher - watch hundreds of webcams simultaneously

What's New

New in Version 3.0 :

Image Enhancement - extracts the most information from webcam pictures (especially poorly lit images).

Original Image

After Image Processing

Streaming Cameras - now supports common webcam streaming formats.

Improved Motion Detection - this has been rewritten to improve function and performance.

Optimized Fetching - Webcam Watcher uses a GET If-Modified-Since to check age if possible, reducing the number of network requests.

New in version 2.4 :

New in version 2.2 :

Motion Detection allows Webcam Watcher to save pictures only when they change. Click here for more info

Global Save settings lets you override a webcam’s normal Saving Frames setting using Global Save Settings. For example, you can force all webcams to save when motion is detected, or to turn off saving entirely.

New version check will tell you if a newer version of Webcam Watcher is available.

System Tray Support minimizes Webcam Watcher to the system tray, and gives a handy indication of whether any webcams are running.

New in version 2.1 :

The CamBar
This lets you keep your favorite cameras on-screen (much like the Windows Taskbar).
Click here for more info.

Screen Saver
The included screen saver lets you view live cameras or saved pictures. To setup, open the Windows Control Panel and select Display. Now click on the Screen Saver tab, and select the Webcam Watcher saver.

The Screen Saver will not normally connect to the Internet if you are not connected - by default it will simply show pictures that have previously been captured by Webcam Watcher..

Select Multiple Cameras
You can use the normal windows shift-click and control-click conventions to select multiple webcams. You can then perform operations on the webcams as a group (start, stop, delete, save as a webcam list, etc)

Saving Pictures
You can specify whether Webcam Watcher saves every frame or skips X frames between saves. Or you can turn off picture saving.

Show Map or Weather for a Webcam
With a single click you can browse to a page containing a map of a webcam's location. Webcam Watcher needs to know the place-name and country where the webcam is located.

A similar function shows you a weather report for a webcam.

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