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Webcam Watcher - watch hundreds of webcams simultaneously

The CamBar - A guided tour

Webcam Watcher's new CamBar lets you keep your favorite cameras onscreen (much like the Windows taskbar).

To Open the CamBar click the Cambar button.....

The CamBar will open at the top of your screen. Initially it will be empty.

You can drag webcams from Webcam Watcher's Webcams panel (either individually, or you can select several and drag them all).

You can also display a webcam picture in your browser and drag it to the CamBar. Internet Explorer users should drag the e logo after Address. Netscape users should drag the logo before Location

You can also right-click on a webcam picture and select Properties. On the property box, select the URL with the mouse and drag it to the CamBar:

When you drag a URL to the Cambar you AutoCreate a new webcam if that webcam doesn't yet exist in Webcam Watcher. You can set up the default properties using the AutoCreate Parameters dialog :

By default, AutoStart is enabled. This means that as soon as you drop a URL on the CamBar, Webcam Watcher automatically starts the new webcam.

You can also drag and drop Internet Shortcut files (.url) that point to a webcam image.

Controlling the CamBar

You can change the order of the webcams on the CamBar by dragging a webcam to it's new position.

You can change the position of the CamBar so that it docks with any screen edge, or is a floating window. Grab the handlebars by the logo and drag.

Controlling the Webcams on the CamBar

If you click on a Webcam, the main Webcam Watcher screen is brought to the front.

You can right-click on a webcam on the CamBar to open a menu that lets you control that webcam:

Clicking on the "WCW" logo on the CamBar opens another menu :

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