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Webcam Watcher V3 Beta


Webcam Watcher v3 beta. This will install in the same folder as WCW but will not overwrite the previous version.

Note : Version 3 is a free upgrade

New in version 3 :

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Streaming Cameras Webcam Watcher can now view various streaming webcams. This includes Webcam32 streaming, Camerades, AXIS mjpg and so on. More details will be published later. To define a streaming camera, check the Streaming box on the Edit Webcam Dialog

Image Enhancement Webcam Watcher now includes a cunning image enhancer. Webcams often do not produce very good images and this is a way of improving the images. It is not a retoucher but an intelligent image enhancer. It works by analysing the spectrum of the image and adjusting it to make the most of the information contained in the picture.

This can work particularly well on particularly bad images, for example, very dark pictures. To use this function click the Image Enhance button on the Top toolbar. Right click to adjust.

Improved Motion Detection This has been completely rewritten. The Mition LED is replaced by a br graph showing the amount of movement. When the bar goes green there is motion. Click to adjust.

Addional HTTP Headers You can now customize the HTTP request that WCW makes. Click the Advanced button on the Edit Webcam Dialog.

Improved Performace. Webcam Watcher can stream several cameras at 8-10 frames per second. This depends on how fast the cameras are, how fast the network is, how fast your CPU is....but generally, performance has been improved.

And more that will be documented later...