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Netcam Watcher Professional
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Webcam Watcher (Normal version)

QV-AutoCam for Casio Digital Cameras

UC-AutoCam for USB Digital Cameras
EZ-AutoCam for Fuji Digital Cameras





Netcam Watcher Professional : IP surveilance camera network software

Netcam Watcher Professional

Netcam Watcher Professional camera surveillance software has many different applications. These include home security camera setups, wireless camera security systems, digital video surveillance systems, security camera monitor software, etc.

Virtually any application that uses IP addressable camera, remote web camera, IP video camera or IP security camera..all these are usable with Netcam Watcher Professional

As cameras develop, wireless security cameras are becoming more important, often these can be integrated into existing Wi-Fi network, also useful with outdoor internet cameras and security camera or security cameras (as Netcam Watcher Pro is designed to monitor multiple IP cameras.

Another major application is home security camera systems. With the advent of home networks, home security cameras can be placed at home and monitored from the office giving home surveillance a new meaning !

Often offices are wired with extensive LANs that are virtually idle at night. These can be utilized for IP security cameras.

As well as the applications mentioned, remote IP cameras can be used in a host of other places: Car Park surveilance systems, watching your kids at the playgroup or monitoring the progress of a construction project, wireless camera security systems.

If you are looking to set up a low-cost security system, try looking at using an economical camera like the Intellinet Network Camera or VEO Observer. Coupled with our special licence prices for these cameras, you have then the makings of a low cost home camera security system.



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