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Webcam Watcher - Watch Livecams from all over the world

The best way to watch LiveCams - and it's FREE

Watch Livecams from all over the world. Keep a close eye on up to 20 Live cameras in this free edition. (For $15.95 you can purchase a version that supports unlimited cameras.) Load the views you wish to see from a list; each is added to a scrolling thumbnail panel. Or, drag and drop live cams to a "CamBar" -- a taskbar-like window that lets you keep an eye on as many locations as you can fit into the bar. A screen-saver module that rotates live cam shots is also included. Other nice features let you manually load additional sites and set the refresh interval separately for each, launch selected Webcam sites in your default browser, and copy full-sized images to the Clipboard.

The main livecam display

The software comes with a comprehensive list of over 1500 categorized free livecams. And the list is regularly updated.

Look at the catogories that are used to classify livecams:

Neighborhood,House,Dorm Room,Garden,People,Amusement Park,Museum,

WebCam Watcher homepage

Web Cam Watcher Information

Start watching livecams now -- Click here to download your free copy of Web cam watcher

With WCW you can monitor hundreds of webcams at the same time even with a slow modem link. How? Webcam Watcher only downloads pictures when they change, making the best use of your Internet bandwidth.

Webcam Watcher is fascinating, informative, free and a whole lot of fun.

Webcam Watcher for Windows 95/98/NT is free for watching up to 20 webcams. An unlimited version costs US$15.95

Add your Webcam to our List : If you have a webcam that you would like to add to our live camera list, please email the details to us at

You can send details of several webcams at one time if you like. We will check out and categorize cameras before adding them to our list.

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