Webcam Watcher Online Help

Chapter 7 - Keyboard Shortcuts
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Up Arrow Previous webcam
Down Arrow Next Webcam
Left Arrow Previous picture for current webcam
Right Arrow Next picture for current webcam

Ctrl + Up Arrow First webcam
Ctrl + Down Arrow Last Webcam
Ctrl + Left Arrow First picture for current webcam
Ctrl + Right Arrow Last picture for current webcam

F1 Help
F3 Start all webcams
F4 Stop all webcams
F5 Edit Categories for current webcam
F7 Start selected webcams
F8 Stop selected webcam
F11 Enable current webcam
F2 Disable current webcam

Delete Delete selected picture
Shift-Delete Delete all pictures for current webcam
Insert Toggle AutoUpdate

Ctrl-B Open webcam site in browser
Ctrl-C Copy current picture to clipboard
Ctrl-D Copy current picture filename to clipboard
Ctrl-E View Error Log
Ctrl-F Find Webcam
Ctrl-G Toggle Error logging on/off
Ctrl-H Show last header for current webcam
Ctrl-L Toggle status LEDs on/off
Ctrl-M Show Map for current webcam
Ctrl-O Select webcam folder
Ctrl-P Open webcam picture in browser
Ctrl-S Add current webcam to screen saver list
Ctrl-T Add selected webcams to Favorites
Ctrl-W Show Weather for current webcam

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