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Webcam Watcher Akagecko Edition
Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Webcam Watcher Akagecko edition is a special version of Webcam watcher that downloads the Akagecko webcam list (in addition to the normal webcam lists).

It is completely compatible with the normal version of Webcam Watcher. You can have both normal and the Akagecko edition installed in the same program folder. They will not overwrite each other.

Webcam Watcher Akagecko edition always includes the latest version of the Webcam Watcher program. Click here for Webcam Watcher homepage.

How do I download the Akagecko Edition
The Akagecko edition can be downloaded by
clicking here.

How do I buy the Akagecko Edition
To purchase the special Akagecko edition simply click here to order. The price is the same as the regular version

I've bought the normal version of Webcam Watcher. Do I have to now buy the Akagecko edition ?

No!. The registration codes for the Akagecko edition and the normal version are interchangeable. But if you have not yet bought Webcam Watcher and would like to buy, please use this link to purchase the Akagecko edition.

So should I install both versions?

If you have an older version of Webcam Watcher that you want to keep then you can install both versions. Otherwise there is no need to install both (but no harm is done if you do install both; they are 100% compatible with each other).

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